7th Grade Students Make Presentations about Endangered Species


The end of the school year was coming fast with every passing week, and so were the end of the year projects! 

With WYTOPP done and all subjects completed, the teachers of GMS decided they would take inspiration from last year’s end of the year project, and do a different topic for every grade to make a presentation on.  

The 8th-grade class were doing a decade in time, while the 7th were informing students about an endangered species.  To end it off, the 6th grade would each talk about a Native American Tribe. 

The 7th graders were required to write a presentation about an endangered species of their choice, it had to be ready to present by Tuesday, May 17.  They had to make a Google slideshow, with an annotated bibliography to go along with it, and notecards to read off of while presenting.

“It is interesting and fun to learn about the different animals and how they became endangered,”  said Perla Rodriguez

It was a great opportunity for students to learn and teach, and upgrade their presentation skills.