Looking Back at the Past Century

End of Year Project Focuses on Last 100 Years


Monse Gallegos presents her project on the 1990’s to 7th and 8th graders.

To wrap up the school year middle school students took a look at the last century. 

Although 6th and 7th grades will be researching other topics for their end-of-the-year project, the 8th graders will be studying the past century, as decided by Mrs.Kestner and Mrs. Stebner.

Both teachers hope that through the assignment students will “learn to be more confident when presenting to their peers.”

Presentations have gone great so far with all grades presenting the week of May 16th.

Students had to research music, entertainment, arts, inventions and discoveries, famous people, and much more.  Then they had to present their findings to their classmates.

Student Corrie Vandedrplog said, “ I felt a little nervous but overall it was not bad.” 

Teachers and students said they had a great time listening to presentations and presenting themselves, so it’s safe to say that this project was a hit.