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Expert Teaches Students Difference Between Alligators and Crocodiles


Paraprofessional and Marine Biologist, Mr.  Trevor Jensen recently taught the 6th grade English Language Arts students a lesson on two specific reptiles.

English  Ms. Kestner was going to do a unit on the similarities and differences between alligators and crocodiles. Mr. Jensen, a former Marine Biologist, figured out about this and offered to give a presentation on the topic. The students felt it was better to do a slideshow before the essay so they could understand the assignment more. 

One day he came into the classroom and introduced what he was doing. First, before the slideshow, he passed out papers for the students to write all facts they learned. They needed these papers for the essay Ms. Kestner was originally going to assign to students for extra information or help. 

The presentation on the differences and similarities between alligators and crocodiles was enjoyable for students and they had many questions for Mr. Jensen.

Mr. Jensen also shared some of his own photos in the slideshow in which he is holding the two reptiles. The students thought the pictures were cool and it was the highlight of the slideshow.

At the end of the slideshow, the students gave Mr. Jensen a round of applause. He collected the papers the students wrote their facts on and handed them to Mrs. Kestner.  After some goodbyes from the teachers and students, Mr. Jensen left the classroom and went on with his day

This took place inside the English Language Arts in mid-April and the 6th-grade students were happy to participate in this activity.