Hopping Into Dissections


Submitted Photo

4th period Science students pose with their dissected frogs.

The week of April 24-30 Ms.Bell’s 3rd and 4th periods were learning about the body systems. Now, along with learning about the body systems, they are dissecting frogs.

Ms. Bell chose for the students to learn about body systems because “the human body is something that we are all more familiar with.”

She decided on frogs because it’s easy to see their body systems and they are somewhat organized like human body systems.

Ms. Bell hopes that dissecting frogs will help students learn more about their bodies and understand the functions of their bodies.

Ms. Bell believes that “ students complete these dissections with the understanding that each part has a specific function and each system works together to keep us alive.”

Students said that although this was a fun way to learn about our body functions, it was a slimy and smelly experience!