Come Get Your Ticket


Caught Being Good Ski trip.

Caught Being Good is a program during each quarter where students are rewarded for doing great things to help or aid people with work, lessons, getting caught up, or just doing something great.  If “Caught Being Good” teachers give students a ticket. 

“Caught Being Good was made by researchers at the University of Oregon who started developing the system that supports Caught Being Good in the 1980s and in 1997, the federal government started funding a national center to help schools create programs for positive behavior in their buildings,”  said Middle School Counselor Ms. Scharen Collingwood 

GMS students like the Caught Being Good program.

“Caught being good is awesome and should stay forever with GMS and I am very thankful for it,” said Yandel Hernandez.

Some students thought the program could be changed a bill.

“Caught being good should stay, but all the tickets should lead up to some bigger prize and the celebrations should be something we do no matter what every quarter,” said Lucian Hoffman,

For all the 5th graders coming into GMS, Caught Being Good will make you feel like doing helpful and do good things. 

Everyone coming into GMS  will probably like caught being good if they like doing fun stuff.  For now, everyone in GMS needs to keep collecting tickets for the goal for the fourth quarter celebration!