7th Period Fun More than Just a Class

Enrichment Offers Options to Students



Welding students smile as welding teacher Mr. Wensky tells a joke.

In a school day filled with must-do classes, students love 7th period can-do classes.

7th period, also known as Enrichment Period, is a time set aside for most students to choose an elective class based on their interests.  A variety of classes are offered ranging from Art to Ag and students are able to sign up for the class that appeals to them.

Art is one of the 7th-period electives and is taught by Mrs. Boyer. In this class, students are taught different media and allowed a wide range of creativity. Along with the art class, students can also join the Art Club which meets once a month in the Quigg Building.

Newspaper is a possible elective choice for the upcoming year. In past years this class was a typing class, however, typing may be moved to the elementary class schedule allowing for the Newspaper class to expand. If the newspaper becomes a class it will give students a chance to be expressive with their writing and gain proficiency. It also is a great chance to show leadership.  This year students that had already taken typing were able to join the class and started an online newspaper.  They would like the newspaper to be taken over by incoming students as an elective.

Ag is a class where students learn about Animal Science, Plant Science, Natural Resources, and other agriculture-related subjects.  Some activities students participate in are going to the school Ranch to view and work with natural resources.

Mrs. Schultz recommends this class because “there are many opportunities to learn about more than just farming and ranching.”

Band is a year-long class taught by Ms. Dukart. To get into this class as a 7th grader students had to be in Band their 6th-grade year. Every quarter band has a concert where the 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade bands perform.

8th-grade band student Shayne Cheatham said, ¨It’s fun, and Ms. Dukart is really nice. Mrs. Dukart gives us choices and gives us the opportunity to help choose the music we do. Overall this class is very fun.¨

Students gather around and pose as they talk about their music in Band class. (Dakoby Bentley)

Another class that students could choose from was Mr. Wenky’s Shop class where students were able to develop or try out their woodworking and welding skills.

Elective Enrichment classes offered a little something for everybody and a chance for students to try out some things they might not have been familiar with.