New Book Alert

Diary of a Wimpy Kid released a new book called Big Shot


New book big shot

 A new book just hit the shelve at the middle & high school library.                                                                                                               

GMS student Cord Edeler reads the new book.

 The book is called “Big Shot” and it is the 16th book in the Diary of Wimpy kid series by Jeff Kinney.

The story is about Greg Heffley, who isn’t the best at sports, but his mother makes him join the basketball team.  In a game when the timer is down to 0:03 and the ball is in his hands, he must try and make his Big Shot.

The book was published on October 26, 2021, and when it came out librarian Lynn Forcella snapped it up.

Mrs. Forcella said the books were so popular, that she decided to get the new Big Shot story.

“The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are hard to keep on the shelf and frequently put on hold,” said Forcella. 

Having read the book, this author can say it is really good and a great addition to the Greybull Middle and High School Library.