Greybull Scores New Baseball Team


It’s a swing and a hit!!!

In April, Greybull re-started a baseball team for kids aged 13-15.  The Babe Ruth team started practicing on April 19 at the Greybull Baseball Fields.  The team is coached by Zack Keisel, a 2019 Greybull High School graduate.

In the early stages of the program, numbers were small.  However, as soon as Keisel was named coach he started recruiting and filled the roster in less than a day.

“I am excited,” said Keisel. “Alot more kids want to play and are showing interest as we are getting started.”

Having the player numbers was the first step, setting up a schedule was next.  Since there are not yet many other teams in the region, the schedule is limited at this point.

Even though the team took a while to form, the money for the team came quickly and in bulk.  The budget for the baseball team was big enough for Keisel to buy new bats, gloves, and helmets.  The team will even design new jerseys reflecting the school colors of blue and gold and their buffalo mascot.

Keisel said, “I was surprised with how many people want to play now. Parents are buying in and supportive. Kids are getting excited to get going.  They want to go up and start hitting some balls!”