5 Tips For Success on Your Next Test!


Caitlyn Hunt and Shelby Hunt prepare for the test as they study.

With WY-TOPP approaching middle school students this April, here are some tips for success. 

  1. Get enough sleep! The most important part of success in taking a test is getting enough sleep the day before. It has been studied that with more sleep people will be able to remember more and score higher than people that stay up all night before a test.
  2. Have a healthy breakfast filled with protein. Foods with more protein lead one to be more mentally alert. Some foods to take on test day would be yogurt, eggs and toast, and whole-grain cereal with preferably low-fat milk. Being more mentally alert will lead to more success.
  3. Study properly the week of the test. If you have studied the material you have learned you are more likely to be confident will take your test. Studying throughout the week will help reduce the stress of having to study the night before. This will help increase confidence and reduce stress. 
  4. Make sure to stay calm and relaxed. If you are stressed during the test take some deep breaths or count. If you stay in a state of stress you’ll go blank and have a hard time throughout the rest of the test. Staying relaxed will help you immensely. 
  5. Read the test thoroughly and make sure you focus on each question properly. This is self-explanatory, if you go through the test you will know what to expect and which questions will take more time. This will help with your time management and you will be able to finish on time and have more accomplishment on your test.

So the next time you are getting ready for a test keep these tips in mind and good luck to GMS students this upcoming WY-TOPP season!