Dr. Seuss Night Brings Students Together for Night of Fun


Families wait in line to enter a fun night at the Elementary.

On Saint Patrick´s day, Greybull Elementary hosted the annual Dr. Seuss Night, on March 17th, 2022. The night included games and green eggs and ham for dinner.

Dr. Seuss night was an Elementary event but many middle and high school students attended, not only to go with younger siblings but to help with activities and games. 

Helping with the event let kids earn credit or a grade for a class at school. Kids in the Art class helped at the face painting station. Some kids in Agriculture helped with the games set up around in the classrooms.  The hours working for people helped them earn are a grade in the class. 

Businesses like Bighorn Co-op also participated in the night helping kids plant their own flowers. Other activities included the hair station, multiple games set up in the Gym, and a glowing room that lit up the face paint.

Though Dr. Seuss Night was an elementary activity, it was a fun active night in the quiet town of Greybull and was a great way to get the community together.