GMS 6th Graders Visit Heart Mountain


Greybull Middle School Students took a field trip to the Heart Mountain Internment Camp Interpretive Center on March 2.

The 6th graders were offered the opportunity to go on a field trip. They went to the Heart Mountain museum and explored a bit of the internment camp.

This field trip was on March 2nd, 2022. The school held this field trip because the 6th graders were studying Japanese Americans and it was the perfect opportunity to go to Heart Mountain. Heart Mountain was a World War II Japanese Internment Camp located between Powell and Cody.  

Students got to explore what being in an internment camp was like and learn some of the hardships the Japanese Americans went through.

First, students watched a short documentary about people that lived in those camps. A tour guide then showed students what houses looked like when people actually lived there. About 50 people lived in each of barracks.  In the museum, there were real items from the internment camp barracks, like suitcases, clothes, beds and more.

After the museum tour was done students loaded up on the bus and drove over to the walkway.

While on the walkway they saw a part of the old internment camp hospital, a barrack, a tiny shack which was the only thing left of the high school there, and the old swimming pool. In the middle of the walkway, was a memorial to people who died that were once in the camps and Japanese Americans that went to war.