GMS Choir and Band Start Spring with Concert


Choir members kick off the GMS Spring Concert.

GMS had a choir and band spring concert on March 15th at 7 pm. 

 The choir was first to perform their song “Rain Dance.” The following songs were  peformed: “Kusimama,” “Dream Keeper,” and “Shine Like Stars.” The choir consisted of 8th graders Vanessa Vicencio, Troy Cheatham, Jasmine Rodriguez, and Dakoby Bentley. 7th graders were Perla Rodriguez, Elizabeth Holloway, Wyatt Whaley, Larry Longshore, and Reese Houck. 6th graders included Liberty Harding and Fallon Hoffman.

After Choir, the 6th Grade band played “When the Saint Go Marching In,” “Hard Rock Blues,” “Sakura Sakura,” and the “Banana Boat Song.”  The members of the 6th-grade band are Liberty Harding, Soraya Porras, Regan Vinton, Kaluha Woolsey, Elijah Rice, Avery Allen, Nathalie Diaz-Rios, Shelby Hunt, Addison Moreau, Mylee Morgan, Tallia Cheatham, William Harlow, Fallon Hoffman, Adeline Kunkel, Xavier Garay, Benjamin Jacobs, Carlee Wensky, and Madison Winters.


Last but not least, the 7th and 8th-grade band played together. They played “Jungle Dance” and “Armory.”  Shayne Cheatham had a solo on the Clarinet.  Seventh graders were Kayla Chambers, Lexie Evens, Samuel Campos, Devlan Hofland, Madison Fostervold, and Koda Blair. 8th graders consisted of Shayne Cheatham, Vanessa Vicencio, Yisel Mendez, Jacob Shelley, Caden Thacker, and Mia Esparza Gallegos.

¨We did good overall, we worked really hard,¨ said Sam Campos.