Drama Class shocks Middle School with Humorous Skits


Carlee Wenksy and Mia Gallegos are all laughs as they perform their skit “Drivers Ed” for the GMS audience.

The GMS Drama Class electrified the middle school audience with their performances on March 3rd. 

Drama Class was a tutorial option for 3rd quarter. Students that joined performed skits that they had been practicing since the beginning of the semester during a 7th period assembly.

“It was a very entertaining and hilarious performance, I liked it!” said Dakoby Bentley.

Many middle school students agreed that all performances were a great way to get out of 7th period.

On the other hand, performers felt well about their performance and that they did very well. Even though some lines were missing the group felt great. 

“We did good but a couple of people were gone so they didn’t know their lines as well as most people,” said Kaluha Woolsey.

Even with a few people gone the GMS Drama Club did amazing! Congratulations to the Drama Class.