Honor Band Travels to Meeteetsee


Sam Campos, Vannessa Vicencio, and Imelda Mendez are all smiles after they finish their concert.

March 8th, the top players from each Big Horn district came together and played in the Honor Band Concert together in Meeteetse. 

Greybull Middle School’s top players were Vannessa Vicencio, Sam Campos, and Imelda Mendez. 

They started off by playing Avenger, going into Selection From How To Train Your Dragon then playing “Risk Everything” and “Ending the night with Rites of Tamburo.” 

Michaella Dukart, the Honor Band teacher said, “It was a great learning experience for them to be able to play with a big group.”

Students enjoyed playing with others and making new friends. The three top students mentioned earlier said they enjoyed socializing and felt that with this new experience they were able to become better musicians.