GMS/GHS Celebrate FFA Week


Perla Rordriguez

Ms. Dukart has to “Kiss a Goat” since she got the most votes in the form of donation.

FFA Week at GMS and GHS was a week where students dressed up and enjoyed fun activities to celebrate the organization.  

FFA is a agricultural based club that students in grades 6-12 can join.

The week featured dress-up days and a large middles school and high school assembly.

Dress up days were:

Monday: Character Day, dress as a favorite T.V character

Tuesday: Camo Day, be invisible

Wednesday: Blue and Gold Day, dress up with school colors

Thursday: Hillbilly Day, grab your rags partner

Friday: No School, Enjoy the break

Cash Hofflund and Mia Gallegos get ready to compete in the Stick Horse Race. (Perla Rodriguez)

During the FFA meeting in the Buff Gym both middle and high school students got to participate in a lot of fun activities.

First, they listened to the Boys’ Basketball team’s experience during the season and wished them good luck at Regionals.

Then some of the junior high, freshmen and middle schoolers competed in a stick horse race around the gym. The teams were made up of a boy and a girl of the same grade. They would race around cones in a barrel-racing pattern and the first team to finish won.

There was also a milk chugging contest. A boy and girl from each grade in high school had to finish a bottle of milk before everyone else and had to try not to throw up in the provided trash can.  Then the winners had to chug twice the amount of milk the next round.

Last but certainly not least was the “Kiss The Goat” contest. Whichever teacher got the most donations had to literally kiss a goat. This year it was none other than Ms. Dukart, the band and choir teacher.  The audience had a pretty good laugh about it.

In conclusion, GHS and GMS were happy to participate in FFA week.