Tensions Rise Between Russia and Ukraine

Map of the Ukraine showing Russian invasion routes.


Map of the Ukraine showing Russian invasion routes.

Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky have been battling in an argument that has escalated to military action. Putin is the Russian president and Zelenskyy is the Ukrainian president. Obviously, Russia outnumbers Ukraine militarily by 1,000s.

 “A wider group of concurrent pro-Russian protests across southern and eastern Ukraine escalated into an armed conflict between the Russia-backed separatist forces,” said ABC News.

This has been going on for a couple of weeks. Russia had already invaded Ukraine back in 2014, so they knew they could again. Hopefully, Ukraine will stand up for itself and give it a good fight.

This is a bad thing for Ukraine because they are not a part of NATO so they will have to fight alone because no one is getting involved with them.  NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is a group of 28 European and two North American Countries who united to protect each other.

On February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine with a goal to invade their capital Kyiv.

The United States has sent 8,000 Troops to Poland to help with this situation.  The US has a total of 50,000 troops in Europe in case of further invasion to help push back the Russians.

Map showing Russian holdings in Ukraine. (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a5/2014_Russo-ukrainian-conflict_map.svg/552px-2014_Russo-ukrainian-conflict_map.svg.png?20141009160321 )

Back in 2014 the Russian invaded the Crimean Penisula.  This was a piece off the coast of Ukraine that Russia took it over. The world map still shoes it in the Ukrainian possession because even thought they claim it, Russion occupies it. 

This is a big deal because this sort of started back then and Putin wants more, so now we are here today.  In all this could end up in a world crisis or WW III.