STEM Solvers


STEM students hard at work during Tutorial.

STEM is a Tutorial Class that is after lunch for 30 minutes. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and offers a chance for students to solve problems and complete activities that are related to any of these subjects. 

“We have STEM to hopefully provide students with tasks that are both educational and related to their strengths and interests,” said STEM teacher Ms. Bell. 

Students in all middle school grades can sign up for STEM and there is a new group each quarter.  Students are selected for the class based on their interests gained from a survey as well as availability during the tutorial.

I like to make many of the activities competitions because it seems that it encourages students to try harder on their work and take more pride when they do well. Some students do well at one activity, while another student will find their strengths in a different one,” said Ms. Bell. 


Ms. Bells said she gets most of her ideas from, “Pinterest and internet searches when I hear what students might be interested in doing. And some activity books that I inherited with the classroom,’ said Ms. Bell. 

 “My favorite moments in STEM have been when students figure something out or find something they are good at. It is a great way to build confidence, so even if STEM isn’t your thing, I encourage students to find something that does interest them and gives them something to look forward to each day as well as going outside their comfort zone and taking on tasks that are difficult. 

 ‘It is pretty entertaining to see some of the methods they try out as well!” said Ms. Bell.