Lego League Wins 2nd Place at State


Lego League is an amazing after-school experience. It combines science coding and thinking skills altogether as students are challenged not only to program a robot to complete specific tasks, but also solve a real-world problem using technology.

Lego League is a statewide competition that almost anyone can enter.   There are two main parts of it: coding and innovation.

Innovation has two main requirements: it has to match with the Lego League theme of the year and it has to help the community or a company in some way.  Students compete in the Innovation portion during practices.

Coding is one of the popular parts of Lego League. Students use a coding app on a computer that they are given for Lego League only. They use the coding app to perfect their robotic tasks and get more points. If a team wins they get to go to the State Championship. 

At GMS it is led by school counselor Mrs. Collingwood and science teacher Ms. Bell.  The people that went to this year’s Lego League’s championship were Sam Campos, Devlan Hofflund, C.J. Fink, Koda Blair, Bradin Ewen, and Madison Winters.  The team placed 2nd in innovation and did a really good job on coding as well.

This fun experience combines science and coding all together into this statewide activity. It is held after school during the fall and students can join anytime but must have completed 10 – 15 practices in order to go to the championship.