GMS Takes on Challenge of the Books


Alakai Myers, Jordi Araiza, Cord Edeler, and Zane Lancaster compete at the Big Horn Basin Challenge of the Books.

On February second the Greybull challenge of the books team traveled to Basin to compete in the Bighorn Basin Challenge of the Books. They had to answer questions about a set of books and compete with schools from different towns. 

The GMS team of Cord Edeler, Alakai Myers, Jordi Araiza, Zane Lancaster, and Madison Winters competed against five other schools. 

Challenge of the books was a tutorial class offered in the fall where students read books to prepare for a competition of questions over the stories.  There were ten books and students had a choice of which books they wanted to read and become an expert in. 

Some of the books they could read were Graphic Novels, Novels, Fiction, and Non-Fiction. Students first read the books then had practice questions to answer each day.

“Challenge of the books is fun and would recommend but it needs more people. We didn’t do that well this year but hope we do better next year,” said Edler. 

 “The best part was meeting new people from different schools and making friends.”