8th Grade Buffs Struggle Against Shoshoni; 7th Grade Prevails


8th-grade results

After losing to the #1 Shoshoni Wranglers 42-34 on February 14, the 8th-grade Buffs planned to come back hard hoping for a win over Riverside Tuesday night. 

“The Shoshoni game was back and forth all game long. One moment we’d be up and then they’d score,” said Carter Jacobs. 

The game was hard-fought although Shoshoni came out on top by an arm’s length. 

7th-grade results

In the 7th-grade game, the Buffs cruised to a 28-21 win. 

“It was an easy-rolling game with lots of action,” said Larry Longshore. 

Both games were very exciting, fun to both play and watch.