The Everyday Need: Inspiration and Motivation


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Do you ever wonder where people get the inspiration for the amazing things they do daily or the motivation they have to accomplish the work they get assigned?  It is a complicated factor in everyday life for everyone, not just students or workers.  Everybody needs motivation for their everyday life.  Going to get something to eat, cleaning your room, writing a story or doing the dishes all require motivation.  Where does it come from?  Inventing something new or writing a new chapter in a story, where does the inspiration come from?

“My creative aspects come from different people in my life.  For example, books and movie series I watch.  Like JRR Tolkien and George Martin because they have made masterpieces and I enjoy comparing my stories to them.  When I read a bit of fantasy, I take the things I liked from the story and learn from it,” said Lucian Hoffman.  

His words, lead to the assumption that inspiration may come from the wheel of events enclosing our lives.  A man who thinks deeply of the roots of a tree might be inspired to find his family’s roots.  A good movie could inspire a story, a heartbreaking experience might inspire a speech.  So, when looking for inspiration, admire the world around you.  Enjoy the subtleties, for they might spark an idea.  It seems that inspiration can come from just about anything.

Yet for inspiration, or anything for that matter, to really mean something a person must have the motivation to accomplish the task.  How do they get motivation?  For school, for work, for an idea? 

Hoffman said, “That is a tough question to answer.  With writing and my creative aspects, it is driven from the fun I expect to have.  If it is not fun I stop writing it or don’t start at all.  When I started my book, I would write for days on end, then I would get burned out and stop for long periods of time.  For school, work it is a tougher answer.  It isn’t fun, so I suppose it is more like a work ethic.  Knowing that the task needs to be done, and doing it because you’re told.”  

Motivation is a harder case.  In most aspects, motivation comes and goes in waves, and is sometimes driven by the actions or expectations of others. 

In school, it is expected for students to do their work, giving them the motivation to do it.  At home, parents expect kids to complete their chores.  The fear of punishment for disobeying gives motivation.  On the other hand, when a person is excited about something, they might be extremely motivated for it and want to devote time and effort to it. 

Motivation is important to everyday life, but only you can find it.  Try to devote yourself.  Remember what your task is and try to focus on it.  Believe in yourself, and always learn from the people around you.  A lesson can be drawn from others’ mistakes, not just your own.  Having motivation, and inspiration is key to your success, let’s try to make the rest of this year a good one.  If you ever feel low on motivation, always remember the end goal and the end reward. 

Motivation and inspiration come from within as well as the influence of the world all around.  Try to take only good influence to better the world as a whole.