GMS WYTOPP Scores Up in Math

GMS WYTOPP Scores Up in Math

GMS took Winter WYtopp testing in ELA, Math and Science on January 11th through February 4th.

WY-TOPP is the Wyoming State test of progress.  The purpose is to measure the growth of students in specific subject areas. It is like a report card for the school to see how teachers and students are doing.  It also helps the school place student in upcoming classes.  

From Fall to Winter testing there was growth in GMS students, with Math scores being one of the biggest increases. 

For the 8th graders tested in Language Arts, 60% tested proficient and advanced. Math was 38% proficient and advanced. 

7th-grade ELA scored 72% proficient and advanced.  Math was 55% proficient and advanced. 

Last but not least, 6-grade ELA showed 45% proficient and advanced while Math had 24% proficient and advanced. 

Good job GMS students!!! 

Now it’s time to prepare for the Summative Wytopp on April 12th.